Malarkey’s History

On Sept. 5, 2012, Domenico Policicchio purchased Malarkey’s Westland from the Kasapis Brothers, who decided to downsize their many businesses. Together with his wife, Carole, and son, Dino, Domenico made it his priority to bring Malarkey’s back to the beautiful and prosperous business it once was. The entire establishment was cleaned and refurbished from the paint on the walls to the leather in all of our booths.

Malarkey’s Westland was originally located on Wayne Rd. from 1982-96. It was owned at that time by the Kasapis brothers – Steve, Gene and Gus. The bar was moved to the current location on Warren Ave. in 1998.

We are famous for our Fish ‘n’ Chips and are known for having the best burgers in town. Malarkey’s Pubs have been voted the #1 sports bars by The Detroit News and our steak bits were voted #1 by The Observer & Eccentric.

Our establishment is a fun, safe place to hang out with friends or bring the entire family. We host a variety of parties from kids’ birthdays to baby showers to retirement parties and holiday parties. Even on a cold, gloomy fall afternoon we make every event special just for you. Malarkey’s also received the Budweiser “Hottest Servers in Michigan” award two years in-a-row.

We have a father-son team in the kitchen, a husband and wife team on the floor. Domenico’s sons, Dino and Domenico Jr., daughter, Rosann, and granddaughter, Sabrina are all working in the family business. Domenico’s son, Mario, and son-in-law, John, helped with all the hard work cleaning the pub to make it shine once again.

We still believe in family. Our Malarkey’s family will be first in service and first in fresh food at a fair price. Join us for lunch, dinner or bring your family in for your special event.

“Luck O’ The Italian”

Domenico Policicchio arrived from Italy in Dec. 1960 on an ocean liner at the age of 14. Traveling all alone he stayed in the captains quarters because he was so severely ill from motion sickness. After arriving in New York, he traveled to Dearborn, Mich. to live with his father, Decimo, in a relative’s basement apartment.

Trying to attend school and learn English at the same time, Domenico soon dropped out and started cutting grass to help earn money for the family and bring his brother, sister and mother over from Italy as well.

Domenico had a talent for landscaping and soon many of the neighbors hired him to take care of their property. He had many odd jobs including working in a poultry shop and selling cleaning products door-to-door. By 1962, Domenico found himself making pizzas in Downtown Detroit at American Italian Coffee across from the Fox Theater. In 1963, Domenico’s hard work paid off when he was promoted to manager at the famous Chris’s Pizzeria in East Dearborn.

Five years later, Domenico was able to open his first carry-out pizzeria called Domj’s in Dearborn Heights. Doing what he knew best—working hard and saving money— he was able to purchase Chris’s in the early seventies when then-owner, Mario Piccarilli, retired.

Several years later he purchased Bona’s pizzeria on McGraw and Lonyo. In 1981, Bona’s was relocated to Michigan Ave. and Livernois in Soutwest Detroit. Bona’s pizzeria was a very prosperous business, employing 12 full time and part time employees including all five of his children. Domenico operated two catering trucks that serviced the local factories. Bona’s pizza catered to many events and local schools. In 2011, Domenico closed his doors after 30 years of serving the neighborhood.

In Sept. 2012, Domenico and his wife, Carole, decided to embark on a new venture—Malarkey’s. From 1960 until now, Domenico still believe in serving family from customers to the many employees who make the pub what it is today.